River Malacca

So the boyfriend and I decided to spend our new year together in Malacca. Since our hotel was by the riverside, so it's only natural we spent a lot of time there.


Not so much of a stroll, more like running around, finding the right way to go under the hot sun lol. 


Ah.. The night stroll along the river after dinner with beautiful scenes and chilly wind. :)

Being 宅男 宅女 like we always are, we spent the last hour of 2013 in the hotel, counting down with each other, overlooking the beautiful scenes from the window. 


The river cruise just before 12am strikes.


New year fireworks. 


Was trying to act romantic and insisted to watch the first sunrise of the year together. 

Don't mistaken the orange light as the glimpse of sunlight, it was just a lamp post. Sunrise never really happen, the sky is sort of just turned brighter and brighter, without dramatic changes on the sky colour.

Never had any luck doing anything romantic one la.

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