Water Lilies

For the longest time, i've been wanting to take pictures at some lakes/ponds.

So i did some research.

There is one in Shah Alam. But the boyfriend is worried about my driving so he offered me The Mines Lake, but i didn't like it.

My lil so called project was delayed for some time until we saw one in Ara Damansara, just along our usual way home! And it has water lilies!!  (major !!! can? Water lilies leh!)

The boyfriend is still worried about my safety though i'm quite familiar with the routes in Ara Damansara (it's the only one i know anyway.) because the pond is pretty quiet.

So he tagged along. But i wouldn't allow him to see what i was taking so he can only guard me from afar.

Like this.








An Evening Stroll

I have always liked walking.

I used to take a 20 mins walk alone from campus to home when i wanted to clear something in my head or when i just screwed up a paper. 

It calms me down when i look at houses - the fences, the door signs,  the fallen leaves, ...

But ever since i started working, i've been spending more time in a car than walking on a street.

So on this extra cloudy evening (the only kind of weather i can walk under), i dragged the bf out to take a walk with me.







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