Bikini Toppings @ Malacca

This is the only cafe we longed to come back to ever since our first visit on new year eve. 

It locates at a less crowded corner of Jonker Street. Somehow, even under a super hot sun, this cafe is quite chilling and windy. 

Bikini Toppings serves mainly desserts: Coconut Jelly, Coconut Shake, Ice Cream ... 

Coconut Jelly is our favourite! It's the main reason why we wanted to go back so badly. Instead of mixing it with santan (coconut milk) like most jellies do, the jelly is made from coconut juice and flesh. 

One Coconut Jelly costs RM5.00.

With such a strategic location and superb Coconut Jelly, we wondered why is Bikini Toppings always empty. We were always the only customers there. 

Then we soon found out that their Coconut Shake is a little pricy and not sooo delicious. It's "okay la" only. 

You can choose whether to add ice cream into your Coconut Shake, but i'd tell you adding the ice cream makes it tastier. 

The Coconut Shake, with or without ice cream, costs RM5.90. (They claimed that if you opt not to add on ice cream, they'll put more coconut flesh for you.) 

Original Klebang Coconut Shake only costs RM2.00 with ice cream. You can see how much more pricy is Bikini Toppings. But Klebang Coconut Shake only opens from 12.30pm onwards, and it always has a long queue. So the next time you don't feel like waiting and queueing, you can go to Bikini Toppings instead. 

For an easier search of Bikini Toppings, you can try spotting a bikini sexy lady painted on the pillar next to the shop, completed with coconut bra haha. 

But now all it was left is a boy with long hair. 

Bikini Toppings 
46, Lorong Hang Jebat | 75200Melaka 75200Malaysia

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