OCBC Flash Deal

I have always thought that when it comes to shopping, using Citibank credit card is always the better choice as many retailers offers some discounts for only Citibank credit card users.

But I just realized OCBC credit card isn’t so bad either.

See, once every month OCBC will text us about a flash deal that is going happen the very next day. (That’s why it’s called FLASH deal). 

Something like this: 

 For March, it was Zara; April was Cotton On; May was H&M and this month is Dorothy Perkins.

A flash deal usually happens on a Saturday and lasts for only 2 hours (usually 2pm – 4pm). By using OCBC credit card to pay your bills, you will get 50% off for your first RM200 purchase. Extra 10% more for OCBC Titanium Pink Card holders.

So last Saturday when I was in Sunway Pyramid, I decided to look for some dresses in Dorothy Perkins because why not, after all I will get 60% off my bill.

It was my first time going to this flash deal thing so I asked the cashier about the details before I started shopping. She confirmed with me that the promotion is available in this outlet and that I will get 50%+10% off my WHOLE bill, with minimum of RM200 purchase.

An auntie overheard our conversation and asked if she can purchase with my credit card and she will pay me back with cash. I thought why not since I got discount off my WHOLE bill, might as well utilize it. I said okay and off she dashed to withdraw some more cash before she shopped. 

As I was going through some clothes, an uncle approached me. Just when I thought he might also wanted to pay his bill using my card to get the discount, he told me that the discount is only for the FIRST RM200 of the bill. And that we don’t get the discount right away at the counter; it will be refunded by OCBC at the end of the month when you get your statement. So he notified me before I pay the auntie’s bill using my card since she won’t be getting the 60% discount after RM200 and i would end up paying for her instead.

He practically saved my life lo!

When I finally found the auntie to tell her the news, a small bundle was already in her arms as she frantically searching for clothes. :0

If the uncle didn’t notify me about the condition for the discount, I would have ended up paying 60% of the auntie’s shopping haul! And judging by the amount she was going to buy, it would kills me!

The dresses I bought from Dorothy Perkins! J
 (some altering aka shortening needed for the blue dress >.<) 

Each dress costs around RM100, now I get them at around RM50 each!

Still very excited when I told the bf about this amazing deal I got: 50% + 10% (OCBC pink card) + 10% (member card)

 He laughed and said I’m just like his mother, who got all excited over “peng leng jeng” deal, rather over expensive branded stuff lol.

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