July is really a bad timing for me to own a new camera.

It’s a common knowledge in Malaysia that as the Raya draws near, crime rate will increases. So the bf doesn’t allow me to go out take picture by myself, because a small girl with a big camera would makes an easy target L Saying someone (aka himself) has to accompany me. But he has been sooo busy lately! Who accompany me to take picture? Who?!

So while I was trapped at home, I found my own amusement in kacau-ing his family dog – Camry.

Camry has been moody lately. He was quiet and refused to eat, even his favourite durian!

According to his mum, Camry has been like this since the pets control people came.  She forgot to lure Camry slowly into his cage before the people arrive, so ended up putting him into his cage by force. So apparently Camry is a 小气鬼 who hold grudges for 3 days. He lies quietly by himself, looking into distance, hardly eat anything, even to the extend of missing out the chance of eating his favourite durian.  #crazydog

He got better when the bf petted and sayang him for a whole evening. And has started barking and be his attention-seeking self again.

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