The Instant Click

I was watching How I Met Your Mother season 8 episode 7, The Stamp Tramp. 

It's an episode showing Ted interviewing Marshall after his third date with Lily. Marshall said he's falling for Lily but he wasn't sure if this is the right thing because after all, he's only 18. It seems silly to think of the first girl you dated in college as The One. 

This reminds me of how Wayne describes us. 

It took us only 4 days to be aware of the feelings we have for each other. It was on a Wednesday we had our first date, and the following Sunday ended with a kiss on my forehead. 

The feelings were so strong, it felt like we have known each other for decades. We are so similar in many ways. We have the same likes and dislikes, possess the same sense of humour, with the same thoughts on life and issues around us.
We just... clicked.

He said he has never felt like this before, he was so sure he wanted to be with me, nothing could have stopped him.

And finally after a month, we are officially a couple.

There was a time when i was somewhat jealous at how he has wooed other girls longer than a month.

But Wayne helped me to realise that it does not matter. Because most of the relationships consists of this part of journey. But what most relationships do not have is the instant click we had since our first date. 

Just like Klaus said:

"Lebenslanger Schicksalsschatz is not something that develops over time.
 It is something that happens instantaneously. 
It courses through you like the water of a river after a storm, 
filling you and emptying you all at once." 

(How I Met Your Mother, Season 8 Episode 1)

An Hour A Day

I read from somewhere that if you want to be good at something, you have do it for 10,000 hours before you can do it exceptionally well. So that's like 417 days, which is 1.17 years, if you can take pictures non-stop, even if you're pooping.

So i did some maths.

If i take picture for an hour a day during weekdays and 4 hours during weekends, it's 12 hours in total.

To achieve 10,000 hours, i'll need 833.34 weeks, or 69.44 months, or 5.78 years.

So around 6 years later, i can be a photographer! :D That doesn't sound too far fetch.

But i have been having a hard time squeezing that 1 hour out every weekdays. It's true that my job does allow me to go everywhere, but i cannot bring my camera everywhere! I can't bring it with me when i was working, i can't leave it in the car either.

So the only time that left for me is when i get home after work at around 6.00pm. And the only place i can go is my neighbourhood.

I really like these walks.

I like walking around, searching for ordinary beautiful things we usually neglect.


I have been addicted in watching 727 on Astro for the past weeks. I have no idea Food Channel can be that addictive! 

Save My Bakery, Restaurant Impossible, Unwrapped, .. 

I want to watch them all!

So with all these food channel watching, i'm so inspired to play chef and cook for the only person who will give me face and swallow all my terrible food if i pout. 

First, grilled lamb

Ok. This was easy. I've cooked this dish before when i was in university. All i need is some lamb shoulders, a ready made black pepper sauce and some rosemary leaves.

Second, it's Chili's Mashed Potatoes

We both LOVE Chili's Mashes Potatoes so i want to try duplicate it to surprise the bf. 

I found the recipe here

The taste was pretty similar with Chili's but the hard part lies on making the gravy smooth. 

Third, Bacon-wrapped hotdogs

Saw this on 9gag and decided give it a try. 

I skipped the first step by purchasing cheese-filled hot dogs. It was quite easy la, all i did was wrapped the bacon on the hotdogs and fried them. They taste quite good too! I mean what could goes wrong with bacon and cheese. 

A bit too salty for my liking though. 


Batu Ferringhi @ Penang

The part which i like most about this 3D2N Penang Trip is definitely the evening we spent at Batu Ferringhi! 

It locates 30 mins away from Georgetown, where we were staying, so we drove there using Waze. I remember the route was rather easy, few turns in Gerogetown, then just go straight all the way to Batu Ferringhi. 

Sea as background for my ootd :)

There was a range of water sports to choose from: banana boat, jet ski (RM100 for 15 mins), another banana-boat-alike boat, parachute etc. 

We all decided on parachute. Being in the sky sounds like fun! You can choose the radius you want, there was 4 or 5 choices. Of course, longer radius means you get to be in the sky longer, so it would be more expensive too. 

You can also choose whether you want single or double. Single, you will be alone up in the sky, with a choice of appointing a worker there to accompany you in case you don't have the strength to pull the parachute back to the beach by yourself. Double, you can go with your friends or boyfriends. 

Suiting up! 

The suit made me feel like robotcop, can't move around easily with it on, hence the awkward hand posture. Haha 

The Couples. 

And the lightbulb.. hahaha

Took picture of this cat chilling on the beach. Little did i know she (i assume it's a she?) was a actually pooping. -.- Right after i took this picture, she proceeded to bury its long black poop into the sand, which i later accidentally stepped on. -____-

I really hate cats one la! 

 Saw this little kid wandering all by himself. So i smiled at him and took one picture of him. But he kept smiling to my camera, so i obligingly took few more pictures. So vain lo haha. 

Woohoo finally it was our turn! 

We were told to lift the string they put into your hands, run a short distance when the parachute began to lift, and release the string when we are already in the sky. 

As soon as the parachute lifted and my legs were dangling in the air, i regretted it. 

I was so ganjeong, i was still holding the string tightly when i was supposed to release it. The guy has to shout "Let go! Let go!". So ganjeong i breathed so heavily, the bf tried comforting me from the back: it's okay, just enjoy the wind, look at the view! 

But i kept my eyes closed until halfway through :/

Boy, that was the longest 10 mins of my life. 

Do you want to build a sandman? 

The girls. 

When i asked the bf to take picture of me horizontally. 

Candids by the bf!

After so much of haih-ing and saying "Nevermind la" throughout the past year the bf insisted he can be my cameraman, he finally can take decent pictures of me! 

At least these shots are not blur la lol.  

Asked the bf took picture of my belly 'cause i reckon they looked rather flat that evening lol. 

 The Ann who can't stop playing her phone. 

When i ask for hugs. 

Aiyo, so happy :) 

And it's sunset! 

We should have gone parachuting during sunset lo! 
If i have to be terribly frightened, at least the view will be prettier. 

I'm Lily

Me: So do you have a Robin? 

Him: Hmm.. don't think so. 

Me: I'm not? :(

Him: No, you're like my Lily. 

Cendol @ Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul

The first stop we made in Penang is of course, Cendol!

One of the cendol everyone recommends is Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul. It locates in an alley of Penang Road. It’s difficult to be missed as there will be a long queue and a big crowd.

There are 2 stalls selling cendol there, you can look at the sign to identify the famous one, which is this:

After almost 30 mins, or even more, of queuing we finally bought 7 bowls of cendols. (There’s only 5 of us, but Stefan said after all the effort of waiting under a hot sun, we should eat more!)

While they were queuing, some of us went to the green shop nearby to queue for tables.

Oh btw, you don’t have to eat the cendol at the roadside, you can go to a green shop nearby for seats and fan. They are selling laksa and rojak there too. So you can enjoy all your food there.

It was quite crowded in there. You have to stand by the side of a table to wait, then quickly move your fat butt as soon as they leave the table to claim it your territory.

There's also a stall next to the cendol stall selling all kind of fried stuff: fried cempedak, fried sweet potatoes, etc. 

Braving through the crowd to carry them to the green shop.

Finally it's Chow Time! 

The cendol (RM2.30?) is really just meh

It has the usual: cendol, red bean, coconut milk? Not worth queuing it for 30 minustes at all! Cendol from Nyonya Colors tastes much better than this. 

The laksa (RM4.00), on the other hand, was quite good. 

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