An Hour A Day

I read from somewhere that if you want to be good at something, you have do it for 10,000 hours before you can do it exceptionally well. So that's like 417 days, which is 1.17 years, if you can take pictures non-stop, even if you're pooping.

So i did some maths.

If i take picture for an hour a day during weekdays and 4 hours during weekends, it's 12 hours in total.

To achieve 10,000 hours, i'll need 833.34 weeks, or 69.44 months, or 5.78 years.

So around 6 years later, i can be a photographer! :D That doesn't sound too far fetch.

But i have been having a hard time squeezing that 1 hour out every weekdays. It's true that my job does allow me to go everywhere, but i cannot bring my camera everywhere! I can't bring it with me when i was working, i can't leave it in the car either.

So the only time that left for me is when i get home after work at around 6.00pm. And the only place i can go is my neighbourhood.

I really like these walks.

I like walking around, searching for ordinary beautiful things we usually neglect.

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