I have been addicted in watching 727 on Astro for the past weeks. I have no idea Food Channel can be that addictive! 

Save My Bakery, Restaurant Impossible, Unwrapped, .. 

I want to watch them all!

So with all these food channel watching, i'm so inspired to play chef and cook for the only person who will give me face and swallow all my terrible food if i pout. 

First, grilled lamb

Ok. This was easy. I've cooked this dish before when i was in university. All i need is some lamb shoulders, a ready made black pepper sauce and some rosemary leaves.

Second, it's Chili's Mashed Potatoes

We both LOVE Chili's Mashes Potatoes so i want to try duplicate it to surprise the bf. 

I found the recipe here

The taste was pretty similar with Chili's but the hard part lies on making the gravy smooth. 

Third, Bacon-wrapped hotdogs

Saw this on 9gag and decided give it a try. 

I skipped the first step by purchasing cheese-filled hot dogs. It was quite easy la, all i did was wrapped the bacon on the hotdogs and fried them. They taste quite good too! I mean what could goes wrong with bacon and cheese. 

A bit too salty for my liking though. 


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