My Raya Break 2014

My long awaited raya break is officially over.

And it wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought it would be.

A month ago I was so excited to discover that the 2 raya public holidays fall on Monday and Tuesday, so if take 3 days off from Wed to Fri, I would have 9 days long holiday!

So I have been planning what I’m gonna do on every single day, from Day 1 to Day 9, down to every details. In fact I have it planned since Day 0, on the Friday when I get off work.

But my boss decided to organize a dinner on Friday night to celebrate my employment confirmation and my colleague’s promotion. So it delayed my time of reaching my bf’s place and wasted my whole night. #antisocial

It's not like they are so horrible I hate spending time with them la. I just generally don’t enjoy people’s company much.

Then on Saturday and Sunday, I slept and watch Mentalist for the whole day. -.-

The only thing I proudly crossed off my list is Penang Trip.

Because I almost back out from that too -_- so for all the effort I put into that trip for 3 (three!) days, I surely deserve to be proud.

Then I spent my Thursday moving things into my new room.

And my Friday doing nothing, oh wait, I cooked for the bf! So that counts.

As for Saturday, I pretty much just sleep and watch Mentalist. The bf took pity in me for blaming myself for not doing much during this Raya Break, so he took me out on a date.

Then finally today, the last day of my Raya Break, I spent it tidying up my new room a bit and writing you this post.

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