Dream Chaser

Stumbled upon this a few days back. 

So i asked myself, 
"If money were no object, what would i like to do?"

"Writing, reading and photography. "

They always have been my to-dos during me-time. 
(except sleeping and eating lol)  

I knew this. Before i started working, i promised myself i will not allow myself stuck in the rat race, waiting for my pay check every month to survive. 

But that's exactly what i have been doing now.

 Every month after finished paying all my commitments, i start counting how many days left till my next payday, and calculate how much i can use and save for that month. 

It is harder for us who work in a different state as our families. We have so much more extra commitments like rental room and car. Not to mention we have to pay each and every one of our meals and groceries. Petrol, tolls, phone bill. We don't come home with a table full of our favourite dishes, our cars don't magically have a full tank after our parents borrowed our cars, and we even have to spend extra few hundreds for the flights home. 

Though i think the first one or two years of rat race is unavoidable. Because after all, the most valuable thing you have when you first entered the society is your degree certificate. You need time to train yourself, know what exactly do you want and save up your startup funds. 

I don't even have the slightest idea on how to make my hobbies a full time job without starving myself. But i know i don't want my current lifestyle to last for another 2 years. I know i have to at least do something.

That's one of the reasons why i'm keeping this blog.

To keep myself writing.

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