Japanese Buffet @ Komura, Corus Hotel

So i've decided to write about Komura Japanese Buffet in an entire new post. Because i'm serious about Japanese food like that.

It was an ala carte buffet, meaning the food wasn't ready made and displayed. You will be given a menu and you can make unlimited orders from it.

The interior design was amazing! It was as if we've just stepped into Kyoto! 

The one thing that i absolutely love about Komura is their private rooms! You don't have to request for one as all their customers dine in private rooms, there is no open space like most restaurant do. 

One turn-off of a restaurant to me is often the inability to commute with your partners simply because the place was too crowded and noisy. So this is perfect for dates! 

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The menu wasn't impressive though. It contains basic stuff like: sashimi, sushi (temaki, maki), tempura, teppanyaki, noodle, desserts etc.

There was one section named "One Order Only" which includes unagi, scallop, soft shell carb etc. One person can only order once of all the 5 choices. So if there is 2 of you, you can only order 2 sets of unagi, 2 sets of scallop and so on.

In my opinion, the food choices wasn't luxurious enough. For sushi, your choices are sea cucumber, tuna, egg rolls etc only. I didn't order any of those.

We were very disappointed in the sashimi too. They were the reddish kind of sashimi, instead of the orange one. The freshness was similar to those in Sakae Sushi. 

Freshness of Sashimi can be divided into few levels for comparison purposes: 

Sushi Zanmai
Sakae Sushi
Sushi King

With the price we were paying, we were definitely expecting it to be at least Sushi Zanmai freshness.

Unagi, which was in the One Order Only list, served in a very small piece. Chopsticks for scale.

Fried Oyster. 2 pieces.

Teppanyaki Sirloin & Scallop. This was quite tasty.

Teppanyaki Salmon. Terrible! It was overcooked!

Green Tea ice cream and red bean paste. Normal lo.

Overall, what we did enjoy for the night was the privacy we had in the room, so we could spend hours talking over food. But the food was definitely not enjoyable. 

12.00pm to 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm to 10.00pm (Dinner)
Phone: 03 2160 5921

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