I'm officially 23 years old now! 

Actually i'm not exactly big on birthday celebration, or any kind of celebration.
But birthday with a boyfriend means must celebrate la, how can i 放过 him just like that hmph.

When the clock struck 12, the bf came into the room with cake in his hands.

He sang me birthday song and I made wishes. Twice! Because i blew the candles out right after i made my wishes, so he has to rekindle it for the pictures. So i made another one.

The bf decided to make me breakfast since i didn't want to get up early. But he insisted i accompany him, so i watched One Piece in the kitchen lol. 

Love my makeup on that day! 
Actually all i applied was a thin layer of 3ce foundation and eyebrows. But look how much different they made! 

I forgot how we ended up in Grand Hyatt because he told me he wanted to bring me to the orchid place in The Majestic Hotel the night before. The bf recalled the reason being it was near to Pavilion, and i was very hungry and said i wanted to try their Caramel Signature Cake (I loved caramel!). I totally forgot about the orchid place -.-

Can't stop making too much noise while moving the plates around. 
Never really like atas place like this.

We arrived at 5.30pm. We were informed that the hi-tea buffet was closing in 30 minutes but that was the only thing we can have. Ala carte order was not available until after 6.00pm. And we couldn't wait until after 6.00pm because we have dinner reservation elsewhere. 

 I asked Wayne to leave, since it did not worth it to pay for a buffet that was closing in 30 mins. But he said nevermind, let's just chill and enjoy the view, plus i can take ootd pictures here anyway lol.

The food wasn't great lo. Should have gone to the orchid place la. 

To dinner! 

The bf initially made a reservation at Iketeru in Hilton Hotel. I googled it and found out the price range is a bit too high. But I didn't want him to spend too much so i convinced him to go to another Japanese restaurant nearby - Komura at Corus Hotel.

It was one third of the price he was gonna pay but we were happy :) 

Because it has private rooms!!!

Haha.. now we can be our usual weird selves! 

Turned out the only thing we were happy about this restaurant is their private rooms. 
But nonetheless, we have a great time there. It was sort of our "confession room" lol.

And thus, two bloated tummies concluded my birthday in 2014. 

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