A Short Getaway

Work has gotten hectic for the past months. There wasn't an afternoon i can sit in office and do some proper follow ups with my customers. Despite the packed working schedule, the boss never fail to nitpicking me.  If i did well on A, he'll criticise me on B and vice versa. It's never ending, really.

Even on weekends, i find myself thinking about work, and replying messages and whatsappsfrom customers. I seriously don't mind being busy. In fact i love being busy! But all the negatives from the scumbag boss, the fussy landlord (i'll bitch about him next time) and the traffics really made me exhausted. 

The bf has also been working so hard lately 7 days a week. So we decided to go on a short break during this Deepavali holiday.

We avoided busy places like Malacca or Penang. We just wanted a slow-paced venue where we can sit back and relax, without the need of walking, queuing and food hunting. Cameron was my first choice but i figured a 4-hours drive wouldn't be relaxing for the chauffeur bf. So Port Dickson it was!

 We chilled. We slept soundly. We spent hours drinking and listening to songs in our private balcony. We chit chatted by the beach with chilly winds and sunset. We still went for good food but in a relaxed manner.

And we are ready for the hectic working lifestyle again.

KGB @ Midvalley

And The Burger Journey continues! 

This time we decided to try KGB out because in every lists of Top 5 Burger In Malaysia You Must Try, you'll see KGB. 
So with high expectation, off we went to their Midvalley Branch.

It locates just right next to Ninja Joe. 

At first sight you might be very impressed to see their place is so crowded, truth is, their counter and kitchen took almost all of the space so tables and chairs were set up outside the shop, thus giving an illusion of it being full house. 

The tables and chairs were quite small and we were practically eating right next to the walkway, the eating experience wasn't exactly pleasant. You won't find it comfortable to just sit here and chit chat over food. Basically we just waited for our orders, finished it hastily and left. Probably that's what they want us to do, so we will make space for their new customers. 

Greeted by a lansi cashier, we ordered from this board menu with the lansi cashier blocking half of it. That's one thing i hate about those 'mainstream' famous restaurants. They think they are so good that customer service no longer matter.

And apparently the cashier wasn't one of the employees as she wasn't wearing any uniform like all other staffs did. So i think maybe she's the owner? or someone related to the owner? Or at least the manager? Which makes it worse. 

If your employee's attitude wasn't good, at most it's the management's fault for hiring the wrong person and after all, we shouldn't judge a restaurant based solely on one employee, as employees do not carry too much image of the restaurant. But when the owner/manager doesn't have the right attitude, you're damn right i can judge the restaurant based on them. 

There were only 2 or 3 tables waiting for their orders when we arrived, but we waited for around 20 minutes for 2 burgers. 

Their signature printed buns. 

My order: Tornado - grilled beef, onion rings, sunny side egg, buffalowing aoili. 

His order: KGB Spiked - crust seared beef, sharp cheddar, crispy beef, bacon, KGB spicy sauce. 

The burgers dutifully tasted okay. But not mindblowing awesome as we would expect. 

Ranging from RM12.90 to RM21.90, the burgers were reasonably priced. The only thing is they do not come with fries which admittedly is essential side dish for burgers. But they can be ordered separately ranging from RM7.90 to RM16.90. 

Though it did not meet our high expectations, the burgers weren't half bad. I would like to come back and try out other burgers but definitely not this Midvalley branch. 

How My Long Weekend Was Ruined

I don't know why. 

But there are days when i just want to feel sad, and i will constantly searching for upsetting things so i can achieve those feelings.

Songs that remind me of unpleasant past, sentimental movies, old journal entries. Anything. 

After almost 2 weeks of not spending much time together with the bf, the long weekend was eagerly awaited so I can finally go all goofy and manja on him. 

I was so excited on Friday. I invented a story to tell the bf that i have a last minute event on Saturday so i couldn't make it back on Friday (actually i am). Even pushed him away when he insisted to fetch me back so i can surprise him at his doorstep and be "Ta dah! Guess who's here!" while he can be like "Dear!!!" *teary eyes (didn't happen lol)

But for no reason, Saturday started on a negative note. We were somehow less happier. He said he can sense the resentment in me, like i hated everything. 

I did. 

Room messy a bit i hate. Potatoes weren't cooked i hate. No time to sleep i hate. Slept too much i hate. Accidentally hit the bf i also hate (imma bitch, sorry dear). And mostly hated myself for hating everything and thus making myself couldn't enjoy my holiday (does that make sense?)

This went on for 3 days -____- I just couldn't help it. 

Of course, being wonderful as he always is, he just hush me and make me smile again (for a few minutes before i got angry again). 

And on Tuesday morning, i woke up feeling a little happier.
Went to the toilet to do my usual morning business and spotted some red spots on my panties...

Ah, no wonder. 

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