How My Long Weekend Was Ruined

I don't know why. 

But there are days when i just want to feel sad, and i will constantly searching for upsetting things so i can achieve those feelings.

Songs that remind me of unpleasant past, sentimental movies, old journal entries. Anything. 

After almost 2 weeks of not spending much time together with the bf, the long weekend was eagerly awaited so I can finally go all goofy and manja on him. 

I was so excited on Friday. I invented a story to tell the bf that i have a last minute event on Saturday so i couldn't make it back on Friday (actually i am). Even pushed him away when he insisted to fetch me back so i can surprise him at his doorstep and be "Ta dah! Guess who's here!" while he can be like "Dear!!!" *teary eyes (didn't happen lol)

But for no reason, Saturday started on a negative note. We were somehow less happier. He said he can sense the resentment in me, like i hated everything. 

I did. 

Room messy a bit i hate. Potatoes weren't cooked i hate. No time to sleep i hate. Slept too much i hate. Accidentally hit the bf i also hate (imma bitch, sorry dear). And mostly hated myself for hating everything and thus making myself couldn't enjoy my holiday (does that make sense?)

This went on for 3 days -____- I just couldn't help it. 

Of course, being wonderful as he always is, he just hush me and make me smile again (for a few minutes before i got angry again). 

And on Tuesday morning, i woke up feeling a little happier.
Went to the toilet to do my usual morning business and spotted some red spots on my panties...

Ah, no wonder. 

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