NY Steak Shack @ Midvalley Mall

Sidetracked a bit, instead of going to burger joints, we went for this new steak place at Midvalley. 

At first glance, i would have guessed it's a fast food place for steak (aka cheaper place for steak). 
Turned out i was only half right. 

The interior does give it an "fast food place" look instead of a steak house like Chili's or TGIF. 

The menu is rather short. There is a total of only... 3 pages. 

Page 1

3 options of beef
2 options of sizes (150g, RM25.90; 200g, RM32.90)
4 choices of sauces (bottom left)
6 choices of sidelines (bottom right)
6 selections of degree of doneness (right)

Page 2

4 choices of burgers

Page 3

5 choices of other dishes

My order: 150g Ribeye with black pepper sauce. 

Looks pretty big doesn't it? 

Aha! Here's the trick. Caramelized onion was hidden underneath the steak to make it appear thicker. What bothers me wasn't how small the portion was but how thin the steak was. It came well done when i ordered it to be 'medium'.

The bf's order, 'medium rare' Striploin, came well done too.

For every order of steak came with 2 sidelines. My choices were fries and mash potatoes. Fries were okay. But the mash potatoes were horrible! They were those instant mash potatoes you make with hot water and powder, not real potatoes -.-

The only thing that was barely good was their black pepper sauce. It at least made my mash potatoes edible.

In short, i am never coming back to this restaurant again.

I would rather spend 20 bucks more to get myself a nicer steak and sidelines at Chili's or TGIF's.

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