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I love reading blogs! 

They are like open diaries where we are invited to explore the blogger's feelings and snippets of life, going through the ups and downs with them. It's like reading novels, but LIVE! The kepo nature in me just couldn't resist. 

Admit it. We are all kepo. That's why bloggers who are open to reveal more about their private lives  and thoughts are usually more successful. Great examples are XiaXue, Cheesie, Fourfeetnine etc. 
(Unless you're very very ugly and super weird la. I guess no one is eager to know what's going on in the mind of a girl who matches socks with peep-toe pumps. Oh wait, we might.) 

But since all of them are about the same age, they are all married with kids now which sadly translates to "less blog updates". Besides baby updates, there were mostly advertorials (except for Aud i think, she's still very active in Dayre). Though i still very much enjoy their baby updates but it's not the same anymore. 

And the new batch of pretty bloggers only blog about few topics: food reviews, product reviews, OOTDs and events. Not that i don't enjoy them but not a blog that is solely full of them, sounding like adverts. It's just there's nothing too personal nor emotional. They are not as.. real anymore. 

I guess it's a trend now everyone wishes to be a blogger. It does sound like the dream job. You get paid for living beautifully (and keep snapping pictures of it).  And i guess the easiest way to find materials for blog updates is no doubt through the said topics.

"Aren't you doing the same thing?" I heard you say, pointing at my archives. Ya ah, you don't see being one of the top bloggers do you? 

Landlord vs Me

Had a big fight with the landlord the other day. 

It wasn't something i usually do but he really drove me crazy.

It goes way back.

On the first day i moved in, he came and knocked at door asking me to close my door softly. I thought maybe i did close the door with my feet a couple times when my hands were full moving in things. So i was careful not to do that again. 

Then few days later, i received a text from him: "No sound when closing door please." 

I was like, Huh? What did i do? I recalled the last door closing i made before, it wasn't a bang, i was just a click. A soft click because i didn't turn the door knob when i closed the door. Just a soft push. There was hardly any sound. I asked the bf who was in the room at that time, he said he didn't notice door closing as well. 

Despite of ridiculous hearing ability and zero tolerance (it was just a soft click) from the landlord, i just said okay and didn't bother him much. I stayed out of his way because i wasn't home most of the time, and when i do, i usually spend the whole night in my room. 

Then few weeks later, i received another series of knocks on my door. I didn't open my door because i was doing my face mask and wasn't dress decently. Then my phone beamed with new Whatsapp messages. He sent me pictures of 2 door mats: one at the main door entrance, another at my shared toilet, with the message - "Please make sure the mat always at actual place". 

Apparently the entrance mat was caught under the door and the toilet mat wasn't carefully aligned.
Big deal. 

Even with such small matter, he finds the need to knock at my door for 5 minutes to complain me. At this point, i have pretty much stopped taking his complaints seriously. 

In the past 3 months i've been staying here, the other complaints i received are:

3) Only light cooking is allowed. The kitchen was too oily after i cooked some scrambled eggs. (It's not like i fried a fish there.) He asked me to wipe and mop the kitchen after that.  

4) I defrost some pork by putting them in the fridge. So naturally there was some water vapour left in the fridge. He came to tell me to handle "你的猪水" afterwards.
(Of so many ways of saying it, he chose the worst wording -_-)

5) After i washed my dishes, i put them (1 bowl and 1 plate) on their drying rack. Later that night when i went to collect them, they were put on the table beside. But the drying rack weren't in use, they just did that to signal me it wasn't open for public use. 

And the big fight happened last weekend. 

Usually i have my clothes washed at my bf's place. But last weekend i didn't go back to his place so i washed my uniforms using the landlord's washing machine. After some time, i received a knock at my door, again. He told me the washing machine is not open for public use and he has stopped the circulation and i should go and take my clothes out.

That was when i snapped.

I stormed out to the laundry room shouted, "So i can't cook here and i can't wash my clothes here! Tell me what can i do here exactly!"

The bf calmed me down, told me it wasn't wise to get into a fight with him. Then he handwashed my clothes for me. After that, i started closing my door as usual, without giving two fucks about the landlord. Admittedly i did bang the door a little louder once or twice.

The next morning, the couple stormed out when i was sending the bf off to work.

The wife: Is there anything i can help you?


Me: Oh if you're really so capable, don't rent your rooms out, pay the mortgage all by yourself!


Me: You leh? Aren't you the one who iron all your clothes, who mop and clean the whole house?
(So dare to say oh. For months he has been staying at home unemployed, sending his wife to and back from work. So what kind of a man that makes you ah? And even after he resumed working, he has been the one who has been doing the laundry and housework, i rarely see his wife at all.)

At this point, he couldn't take it anymore and rushed into the house (like a girl? -.-)

So the wife continues: Why couldn't you just be nice since we are all staying together?

Me: Who are the ones being fussy now? If you can't tolerate petty things likes this, just don't rent your rooms out.

And with that, the conversation ended.

Friends have been advising me to "just do whatever the landlord said lo, it's their house afterall". But i refused to think this way. It's not like they are doing me a favour by letting me stay in their house. I fucking PAID for the room. I'm willing to tolerate and compromise but to a certain extent la.

If you rent out your place to strangers and expect a certain amount of money bank into your account every month on time, please be prepared to share your house (and everything in it) with other people and tolerate when their living habits aren't same as yours, not expecting people to live like a ninja in your house.

NY Steak Shack @ Midvalley Mall

Sidetracked a bit, instead of going to burger joints, we went for this new steak place at Midvalley. 

At first glance, i would have guessed it's a fast food place for steak (aka cheaper place for steak). 
Turned out i was only half right. 

The interior does give it an "fast food place" look instead of a steak house like Chili's or TGIF. 

The menu is rather short. There is a total of only... 3 pages. 

Page 1

3 options of beef
2 options of sizes (150g, RM25.90; 200g, RM32.90)
4 choices of sauces (bottom left)
6 choices of sidelines (bottom right)
6 selections of degree of doneness (right)

Page 2

4 choices of burgers

Page 3

5 choices of other dishes

My order: 150g Ribeye with black pepper sauce. 

Looks pretty big doesn't it? 

Aha! Here's the trick. Caramelized onion was hidden underneath the steak to make it appear thicker. What bothers me wasn't how small the portion was but how thin the steak was. It came well done when i ordered it to be 'medium'.

The bf's order, 'medium rare' Striploin, came well done too.

For every order of steak came with 2 sidelines. My choices were fries and mash potatoes. Fries were okay. But the mash potatoes were horrible! They were those instant mash potatoes you make with hot water and powder, not real potatoes -.-

The only thing that was barely good was their black pepper sauce. It at least made my mash potatoes edible.

In short, i am never coming back to this restaurant again.

I would rather spend 20 bucks more to get myself a nicer steak and sidelines at Chili's or TGIF's.

That One Makeup Essential

One thing that really bothered me when i just started working was i look like a kid. 

I have been looking younger than my age all my life because of my petite figure. I remember when i were in Form 5 (18 years old), a friend of my dad's asked if i were in Form 1 (13 years old).

So apparently this issue continues when i started working. A kid face just doesn't look convincing when you are giving banking advices. I try figuring out what is that one thing that would make me look more adulty. It isn't the clothes because we have uniforms. Then i figured it's the makeup!

I do not have the habit of wearing make up everyday, only occasionally during outings or dinners. My usual routine to go is toner, moisturizer and non-tinted sunblock.

Eyeliners are no-no to me simply because i take too much time drawing them! (i rather sleep for another 15 minutes more) And my skills are always inconsistent. Sometimes i nailed it, sometimes i look as if i get punched in the eye. And the horror is when eyeliners smudge! My job doesn't allow me to sit glamorously in air-conditioned office like most bankers do. So my oily eyelids are not gonna keep them in line throughout the day. 

After studying the picture of hot girls on instagram, i hereby announce the key makeup is - the eyebrows! 

Yes, eyebrows!

You eyes can be naked from eyeliners and mascara, but as long as you have eyebrows drawn, you'll look makeupy with the least effort! (i'm lazy like that)


Left: Without any makeup on. 
Right: Eyebrows and foundation. 

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