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I love reading blogs! 

They are like open diaries where we are invited to explore the blogger's feelings and snippets of life, going through the ups and downs with them. It's like reading novels, but LIVE! The kepo nature in me just couldn't resist. 

Admit it. We are all kepo. That's why bloggers who are open to reveal more about their private lives  and thoughts are usually more successful. Great examples are XiaXue, Cheesie, Fourfeetnine etc. 
(Unless you're very very ugly and super weird la. I guess no one is eager to know what's going on in the mind of a girl who matches socks with peep-toe pumps. Oh wait, we might.) 

But since all of them are about the same age, they are all married with kids now which sadly translates to "less blog updates". Besides baby updates, there were mostly advertorials (except for Aud i think, she's still very active in Dayre). Though i still very much enjoy their baby updates but it's not the same anymore. 

And the new batch of pretty bloggers only blog about few topics: food reviews, product reviews, OOTDs and events. Not that i don't enjoy them but not a blog that is solely full of them, sounding like adverts. It's just there's nothing too personal nor emotional. They are not as.. real anymore. 

I guess it's a trend now everyone wishes to be a blogger. It does sound like the dream job. You get paid for living beautifully (and keep snapping pictures of it).  And i guess the easiest way to find materials for blog updates is no doubt through the said topics.

"Aren't you doing the same thing?" I heard you say, pointing at my archives. Ya ah, you don't see being one of the top bloggers do you? 

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