That One Makeup Essential

One thing that really bothered me when i just started working was i look like a kid. 

I have been looking younger than my age all my life because of my petite figure. I remember when i were in Form 5 (18 years old), a friend of my dad's asked if i were in Form 1 (13 years old).

So apparently this issue continues when i started working. A kid face just doesn't look convincing when you are giving banking advices. I try figuring out what is that one thing that would make me look more adulty. It isn't the clothes because we have uniforms. Then i figured it's the makeup!

I do not have the habit of wearing make up everyday, only occasionally during outings or dinners. My usual routine to go is toner, moisturizer and non-tinted sunblock.

Eyeliners are no-no to me simply because i take too much time drawing them! (i rather sleep for another 15 minutes more) And my skills are always inconsistent. Sometimes i nailed it, sometimes i look as if i get punched in the eye. And the horror is when eyeliners smudge! My job doesn't allow me to sit glamorously in air-conditioned office like most bankers do. So my oily eyelids are not gonna keep them in line throughout the day. 

After studying the picture of hot girls on instagram, i hereby announce the key makeup is - the eyebrows! 

Yes, eyebrows!

You eyes can be naked from eyeliners and mascara, but as long as you have eyebrows drawn, you'll look makeupy with the least effort! (i'm lazy like that)


Left: Without any makeup on. 
Right: Eyebrows and foundation. 

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