Sweet Reminders in a Bottle

 For the longest time i've been complaining that the boyfriend has not been as sweet and attentive as he once used to be when we first started dating. 

I was so in love that i'll write down all sweet gestures he has done throughout the date at the end of the night before i go to bed. As time goes by, i've stopped writing them down. It felt like the honeymoon period is over, there's nothing special in the relationship anymore. 

So i blamed the boyfriend. "Why you no sweet anymore?" 

Then i realised, he has been the same all along. It was me who has taken granted of the things he did because they came as taken. He still massages my leg in public when i had cramps, he still angrily reminds me of motorbike's exhaust pipe when i ran off too fast, he still can't stand two days without seeing me. 

So this glass bottle was set up to record every moment of when i feel particularly warm at something the boyfriend did for me so i will always remember and cherish every single one of them. 

Vintage Stamps


Ever since i started having this Traveler's Notebook hype, i was quite surprise to find the boyfriend being so supportive of it. I've always thought this obsession for stationery of mine is quite useless and incomprehensible to many people. I once squealed in excitement upon looking at some stationery online, so loudly that my friend laughed at me because everyone at school was staring strangely at me.

One Saturday he brought me to Amcorp Mall for its weekend fleamarket for a date after hearing it from the radio and thought i would like it. And i did! It's a sorta place i would love. A place full of unique items, every corner you turn there might be a surprise waiting for you. It's a like a gigantic storeroom of a person with a hoarding disorder. I love it! 

At a little stall selling all kinds of vintage postcards and stamps, i spent some time standing still carefully chose some Germany vintage stamps to buy while the boyfriend was patiently entertaining himself beside me. 

2015-11-23 09.22.20 1
Here's the cover of my first insert decorated with some of the vintage stamps. So in love with it. 

My First Midori Traveler's Notebook

Everyone who is close to me knows i never live without a notebook.

Since primary school, i've always had a "daily planner" with me in which i will write down my homework and to-dos of the day. From reminding myself to drink more water to jotting down the airing time of my favourite cartoon. It's like the notebook is my brain, i can't get things memorised or done without it. 

Now that i have grown up (sort of haha), instead of having a single daily planner i have few notebooks all for different purposes. One for daily random to-dos, one for work, one for journaling, one for when i go travel, one for photography notes taking, you can imagine how the list goes on. 

And shopping for notebook is one of my favourite thing to do! Whenever i go into a bookstore i will always lookout for any unique notebook to buy. I already have a drawer full of notebooks but luckily the boyfriend is quite supportive in this and sometimes look for them for me too. 

Then one day i stumbled on Midori Traveler's Notebook.

The leather cover, the customisable inserts, the brass accessories. It's perfect. 

Now it's my everyday to-dos planner which i never leave home without. 
My plus one. 

In Love with Sunset








Finally the sky is cleared of haze and we can see blue skies! The bf and i have been longing for a walk around the quiet neighbourhood for the longest time but this haze lasted for so long we never got the chance to do it. So on this chilly evening after rain, the boyfriend told me to grab my camera and go for a walk. 

After the Vietnam trip together, the boyfriend has taken pride in taking nice pictures of me (although i would construct the picture before passing the camera to the boyfriend and run to the model spot), so he is digging the idea of mastering some photography skills.

I couldn't be more happier about it. 

7 Wonders Kitchen, Our Little Haven




One thing that the boyfriend and i have in common is we share the same love for food. We value the food tastiness over its classiness or price. 

So it's our little life mission to search for nice and cheap eats around us. 

7 Wonders Kitchen is one of it. 

We often come here after a long tiring day of work particularly because the food here tastes like homecooked, but better. There's something about their food, it's so comforting. 

7 Wonders Kitchen   l   Kajang, Selangor


I’ve been dreaming of a private space for the longest time. As much as I would like to actually own the place, I know now is not the suitable time.

I’ve moved too many times since I graduated to learn that this time I would make this space truly mine. A space I don’t mind spending everyday alone here instead of longing the arrival of weekend so I can escape. A space I can feel comfortable just being myself with no interaction with any human being after work.

So this time round, I insisted on getting a private bathroom and air con.  A humid room in the afternoon was a real-life nightmare for me. It forced me to go out in a lazy afternoon when all I wanted was to stay at home all day reading and listening to music.

Private bathroom is also a must now after experiencing too many silent arguments with my ex toiletmates. Plus I really hate the feeling of rushing myself and taking turns to use the toilet in the morning before leaving for work.

To complete it all, I also insisted on getting some nice furniture. I chose a theme of “white and wood” for a girly touch at first, but white furniture which fits my budget is so hard to come by! So the bf convinced me to twist my theme a bit by adding the element of black so it overall gives an industrial feel to the room. I was so annoyed by his suggestion at first because it seems like I’m building his ideal room instead, not mine! But I was completely convinced when I saw a display unit from Ikea. It was quite nice la honestly.

So here it is.   







My Best Friend's Wedding




On 23rd of September 2015, I stood excitedly peering out the church entrance over and over again, at a seat i carefully chose so i can be the nearest to the aisle.

It was the day my best friend got married. 

This is my first time attending a wedding of someone that is close to me. Of course I've attended tons of wedding since young but it was always relatives or family's friends. Never someone who i personally know. 

Witnessing her stepping on the aisle clinging onto her father's hands, wedding song in the background, a wide grin across the groom's face. From the bottom of my heart, i'm really happy for her. For them. To have found each other. 

Japanese Buffet @ Umaiya Japanese Restaurant

Umaiya is THE BEST Japanese ala carte buffet we've ever tried!  

So far we've only dined in their Damansara Uptown branch before (the other branch is at IOI Puchong). So i'll only recommend the Damansara Uptown branch because sometime food quality does vary with branches.

It's roughly RM68 per head including tax.

11.30am to 2.30pm on weekends only. Bookings must be made, preferably one week in advance to avoid disappointment.

Their sashimi was the FRESHEST of every restaurants i've tried in Malaysia! It was sooo good we went there for quite a few of special occasions because we know we wouldn't be disappointed. To us, it's the best so far but we are still in searching of new Japanese ala carte buffet to try on. Next would be Kampachi!

Though i think it's biggest flaw is not having unagi on their buffet menu, but almost everything on the menu is very delicious. The rest are just delicious lol.

Let the foodporn begins! 











5 Best Restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam

While planning for our Vietnam trip, the foodie in us hoped to experience more the local Vietnamese food. We spent days watching all kind of food channel which features Vietnam, like Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape in Vietnam.

But we didn't want to stress ourselves out with the perfect food finding so we decided to eat the locals eat and just follow the crowd. Boy did we just last for only a day!

It was a mistake. We didn't like the local food so much. We've tried them all: Cau Lau, White Rose and Banquette but we can't imagine eating them for the second time. This trip would be screwed if we cannot enjoy the food here! By the end of first night's dinner, we gave up and start pulling out our phones to check restaurant reviews on Tripadvisor. It was our trip saviour!

Here's the list of restaurants that made our trip awesome!

1. Streets Restaurant Cafe
This was the first restaurant that brighten our trip. Street Cafe is actually owned by a culinary school named Street International. So the food you can expect is not just simple dishes of traditional food, but Vietnamese inspired dishes, fusions.
We have soon developed a liking in dining by the roadside in Hoi An.
After only one day of eating Pho and Cau Lau (Vietnamese noodles), us being the typical Chinese through and through had already started craving for rice. So we ordered Glazed Pork Ribs on Bone with Vietnamese Kim Chi and Asian Style Chicken Curry with Coconut Milk.
(click here for full menu for Street Cafe

The feeling of having steaming hot rice in our stomachs was sooo gooooddd!

The meal ended with a sweet note - a pineapple coconut ice cream. The taste of sweetened pineapple and a rich coconut flavour of the ice cream, it was a great combination we never tried until now.

Pineapply Coconut Ice Cream

Bill came at 440,000VND, which at that time was around RM55 to 60. Not too expensive considering we ordered 2 main dishes, 2 drinks and desserts. 

2. Morning Glory
One of the top rated restaurants on Tripadvisor! It certainly did not disappoint us.

Morning Glory is so popular among the tourists that it was full house even well before dinner time. By dinner time, you can see staff lining up chairs in front of the restaurant for the waiting customers. It's that popular.

Our orders under Miss Vy's Creation category:
(view full menu for Morning Glory here)

1. Crispy Roasted Pork with red rice risotto.
The crispy roasted pork is just like the Chinese siew yokso it's no special to us. But the red rice risotto was superb! It was our first time tasting such risotto we loved it. The taste was not too strong like usual risotto but with just a hint of scent and butter.  

2. Mine: Prawn Curry with steamed rice. 
Steaming rice and hot curry fresh prawn, need i say more? 

Dessert was a custard thingy which was a rather disappointment i didn't bother to memorise its name.

I didn't keep the bill, was i believe the bill was roughly around 550,000 to 600,000 VND including 2 drinks and 1 dessert, slightly higher than Street Cafe. In fact i think it was our most expensive meal in Hoi An.

3. Miss Vy

Miss Vy actually shares the same boss as Morning Glory, except the surrounding looks more traditional and the price was slightly cheaper too. 
This time, instead of dessert, we order a traditional appetiser - veggie and a slice of beed wrapped in a very chewy transparent dumpling skin. We didn't like most of the traditional food we had, but this was nice! 

Our main dishes: Egg fried rice and chilli steamed fish.

It seems like not only the interior was not as flashy as Morning Glory, so was their food. It might looked like a normal egg fried rice, but it was sooo delicious and warm! It tasted like something a super mom cooks for her beloved children. 

The steamed fish was just so-so. Upon ordering, the waitress asked us if we want "little spicy" or "very spicy", we looked at each other, scared. If they have to ask such question, does that mean the dish is very spicy? It turned out our Malaysian endurance for spiciness is so high that "very spicy" was quite mild for us.  


4. Duck Cafe

One thing you'll notice traveling in Hoi An is you can only have breakfast in your hotel, no matter how shitty the hotel food are. For some reasons, restaurants and cafes are not allowed to serve customers until 10.30am. So we patiently waited until 10.30am for Duck Cafe before leaving An Hoi for Cua Dai.
It was a Vietnamese x Japanese Fusion restaurant. You can find Japanese elements everywhere. Matcha delivered from Japan was featured in the menu, Japanese books were lined up in the shelves, even manga Conan in Vietnamese can be found!

The food was quite delicious, though not as awestruck as the previous restaurants, but the overall experience was the nicest. The ambience was so cozy and quiet. The staffs were so friendly and helpful too! 

Did i mention that the cafe exclusively hires people with disability? The bf always has a soft spot for disabled people, so we bought some handmade bracelets from them.

Our favourite dessert in Hoi An - Affogato with Vietnamese Coffee! It has the extra milky taste compared the usual expresso. 

 5. Lucky Beach Resort

Our last restaurant in Hoi An that made us regret cutting our trip one day shorter!

If you dislike busy and crowded beach, just find your way to Lucky Beach Resort. The owner will lead you to their backyard, then you'll find yourself immersed in the most serene part of An Bang beach.
The best part is, you can have lunch at the beach with blue sea as your view! How relaxing is that! Only lunch was allowed to dine at the beach as they do not have enough lighting as the sky gets darker. And sadly enough, we reached there at sunset so we have to dine inside.


All the seafood was so fresh! The owner told us that his fisherman father brought seafood back to her restaurant every morning so all their seafood will always be fresh. They were quite honest too, there are some dishes they urge us not to order because they think required seafood was not fresh enough.

I think all in all, the bf and i value the overall experience more than the food alone. Give me awesome food but crappy service, we will never see us again. But give us okay food with excellent service, we will come back!

And dining at Lucky Beach Resort is one of the most wonderful experiences! If we got the chance, i will spent the whole day here by the beach and have my 3 meals here.

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