Japanese Buffet @ Maiu Japanese Restaurant

I love Japanese Ala Carte Buffet so much i must try all!

So i finally decided to try out this place when Charmen came to visit. Unlimited supply of food with unlimited talk with girlfriends. Sounds like a perfect night for me! 

G-3A, The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D, Bandar Damansara Perdana (They have 3 branches but we went to the nearest one)

Lunch - 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner - 6.00pm to 10.30pm

RM48.80+ (adults)
RM25.80+ (children)

To avoid disappointment i called to make reservation the day before.

The Menu.

Sashimi freshness level - Not bad. Soft and orange. This is A LOT better than Komura's. 

Grilled Salmon - Crispy skin and tender meat. This is one of the good dishes i've had that night. 

This is super good! Topped with superb Mentai sauce and surrounded by crispy bits like, this is one of the best sushi i've ever tried! Forgot its name. It's mentai something haha. 


 Like Komura, their menu doesn't come with description, just "Tamago Sushi", "Dragon Maki" and so on. So we ended up ordering things we thought we wanted but didn't. Hate menus like this! You thought we all Japanese ah?

Variety wise it was pretty standard. Sushi, temaki, grilled stuff, fried stuff, rice or noodles and desserts.


It's overall okay. Sashimi was okay fresh. The oyster tofu has a weird taste to it (the staff insisted oyster normally tastes like this, i've tasted oysters before this la please). Everything is only average, overall better than Komura.


Since we accidentally ordered food we didn't want, there were quite a bit of leftovers. Upon asking for our bill, the staff took a look at our leftovers and said we must finish our leftovers before paying.

I know many restaurants mentioned they will charge for leftovers but never have i saw them executing it. At Umaiya, i've sent one whole plate of chicken salad back because they weren't tasty, but still they just took it back without charging us anything. This is the first time i experienced this and since the leftovers weren't that much, it was indeed an unpleasant ending to the meal.

Nevertheless, we did finished most of the leftovers.

365 Photo Project

Happy New Year! 

First of January 2015 is very exciting for me because i have decided to embark on a 365 Photo Project to somewhat force myself to make effort everyday to make one decent picture. 

I set two rules for myself. First, the picture of the day must be taken on that day itself, i could not take a week's worth of picture on one day and post them on separate days. Second, the picture must be posted on my Flickr or Instagram on that day itself too. 

No exception.

The purpose of this project is to train myself to see everything through a lens, to think as a photographer everyday. And mainly to have some progressively improvements since the camera has been gathering some dust on the shelf few weeks after the bf bought it for me. Despite the proclaimed passion for photography, i admittedly did not put enough effort and time into it as i should. 

So, let's see me through this!

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