Horrible Experience Having Seafood Dinner @ Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

This is probably the worst experience i've ever had with restaurants. 

I had been cracking my head of where should we go for our new year feast and i stumbled upon some blog posts on Portuguese Settlement. Portuguese? Seafood? It'd make the perfect new year eve dinner!

It was by accidents the bf found out i love Portuguese cuisine before i myself realised it. He said i love any dishes with Portuguese sauce, it's a big deal because i usually hate sauce. And the bf has been saying he wanted to have a nice seafood dinner with me ever since he's back from his KK trip. So this is just perfect!

Feeling so excited, like we always do for great food, we arrived well before sunset. We were planning to take a walk in sunset before settling down for dinner.

Stall 1 to Stall 10.

Overly Aggressive Waiters

As soon as our feet stepped out of car, two stall owners approached us, asking us if we were here for dinner. Surprised by the over friendliness, we politely told them we were here for a walk first. They proceeded telling us since today was new year eve, we should order as early as possible since they all were going for prayers later. But after we insisted we wanted to take a walk first, only then they told us they were from Stall 4 and 7 respectively and left.

We took a walk around the stalls and found ourselves in a neighbourhood. Words are people there are mostly Christian so they took Christmas more seriously. We can still see extensive Christmas decorations on almost all the households.

When we were back, the guy from stall 7 earlier approached us again.

"Bro are you ready to have your dinner yet?"

"No, not yet."

"Bro, when i ask you to order your dinner you better do it now."
(We began sensing some threatening tone from him.)

"Huh why? We just want to walk around and have a look around first."

*glance at my camera*
 "If you wanna take picture, go to the jetty la, the scenery is nicer there. What for you take picture of these shops."

Annoyed, we almost wanted to leave by that time, but we have no where else to go. It's too late to search for a new place and drive there. While we were standing nearby to decide, few more owners approached us to tell us which stalls they were from. In the end, we decided on stall 6 solely because they have canopies and the sky seemed to be raining soon.

Throughout our meals, we realised we were 'lucky' to be only pushed by the waiters so gently. When the sky darken, they got more desperate and basically just surrounded and followed customers around until they decided which stall to eat at. Foul words were exchanged among stall owners when one party loses customers to another. #truestory.

Proof: The couple is the same blue shirts (in red circles) were being chased by the aggressive waiters.

Dishonest Waiters

Our orders:

1. Chilli Crabs (2 ekor) - RM 63.00
2. Portuguese Baked Fish - RM 52.50
3. Black Pepper Baked Brinjal - RM 8.00
4. Fried Squid - RM 15.00
5. Rice (2 persons) - RM 2.00
6. 100 Plus (1 can) - RM 3.00
7. Mango Juice (from other stall) - tasted nothing like mango! Yucks!

*No price is indicated on the menu.

Upon ordering the fish, we asked the waiter if the size will be too big for 2 persons. The waiter told us no no, it's just right for 2 persons and she will choose a smaller one for us since we ordered quite a lot of dishes. But when the fish came, it was way too big. -_-  We couldn't finish everything. All the dishes tasted only okay, except for the chilli crabs whose sauce was superb!

Throughout the dinner, which we finished at around 9.00pm, none of the waiters went to church for prayers. It was only a tactic to rush us to order.

The bill came around RM143.50, apparently price was marked up for the new year eve.

Turned out it wasn't the perfect new year eve dinner i imagined it to be. The bf was determined to turn the night around so he bought us a Kong Ming Light to write our new year wishes on. (He knew i am very in love with lanterns after watching Tangled).

Together, we released it into the sky and prayed that our wishes will come true.

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  1. LOL u re eating seafood what u think asshole wan cheap go eat kuih teow la


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