Landlord vs Me (Part 2)

Never thought this post will got sequel leh!

Actually not entirely unexpected la. As long as i'm still staying there, as long as he's still that nitpicking guai lan, conflicts are bound to happen again. 

After the last incident, i live my life as usual and we ignore each other when we cross paths (this happens even before we started arguing, basically i never see him being friendly or smile or even greet us after my first room viewing). 

I honestly didn't try to annoy him in anyway. One morning, when i was about to leave to work, he came to me and tell me, "You move out in end of January." Then he turned around to walk away. 

Immediately I did some maths in my head. It was 1st December so he did give me 2 months notice, but i've paid my December rent, he still has my 2 months deposits. So i replied, "You pay me December rent and 2 months deposits, i'll move out today." I wasn't going to let it be easy for him. 

He: "Cannot. Must give 2 months notice."

Me: "Okay. I moved out this month end (dec)" 
I was determined not to let him has the last words. 

He: "Okay." 
Surprisingly, or maybe out of anger, he agreed. Having only a month to get a new tenant? and in the month of Dec? Well good luck ha! 

It did not end here!

So Charmen came to KL for 5 days so i asked her to stay with me. The first morning he spotted her in my room when i was going to work in the morning. So he said to me, "That's your friend? She can't stay if you're not here."

Me: You never say no visitor.

Him: I said only you and your bf can stayover.

Me: You never say 'only'.

(The actual conversation went like this: The bf who was helping me to find a new room asked him if he can occasionally stay over, the landlord said he will get back to him because he has to ask his wife first. Then the next day replied saying he can.)

Him: She cannot stay. Later got stuff in my house go missing.

Me: If got you come find me.

(Come on la, his living room is practically empty. There's only some old chairs and table. There is no even TV and sofa. I dunno if there's anything worth stealing.)

Him: Okay.

And apparently he wasn't happy that he didn't get his way. The next thing we know, the wifi was cut off.

Waliao eh, so childish can?

Charmen only stayed in my room not bothering anyone. And she couldn't have wasted any extra electricity since there is no air con in my room. He only did this to annoy me. So poor Charmen spent 4 mornings in my room doing nothing without wifi.

So after Charmen left, i thought he might start turning on the wifi again. But he didn't! I gave him some cooling period since i won't be there for the weekend anyway.

The following Monday when i'm back, there is still no wifi.

So texted him, "If there's still no wifi by tonight, please refund an additional RM50 when you are paying me back my deposits."

At this point and with that tone, i was pretty sure i will have to survive without wifi for a month but  I just couldn't bring myself to say nothing. I start wondering if he would really pay me the RM50 back.

But et voila, the next day the wifi is back on.

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