The Sweetest Thing

The other day when i was talking to my colleagues about wooing girls, one junior asked me what was the sweetest thing my bf has ever done for me.

I pondered for a while.

..and I couldn't think of any omg!

Honestly, I was quite sad for a while.

I know the bf loves me very much and all but it was quite pathetic to have no romantic stories to tell. So i spent the night thinking, what was the sweetest things he has done? I'm sure there are some!

One came up is when i first started driving by myself, i have this event in a new company at place i wasn't familiar with (i wasn't familiar with any place, i just blindly follow Waze). But it was raining heavily when i was about to leave from office. So he dropped everything he was doing and insisted on driving me to the event, and waited for me for hours until it's over. 

I didn't want him to drive me, because it will affect his work. So i somehow was angry at him for driving me. We even fought about it after we got home. He was just worried of me driving in the rain but i rejected him because i thought he will blamed me later on for not getting any work done, which, of course, he didn't.

And last sunday when i told him i was bored i wanna eat something. He went on and find something for me to eat. Although i ended up eating a week old jagung, but seeing him frantically (haha) buttered my corn makes my heart melt. 

There was never big big romantic gestures from the bf. He's not a romantic guy like that.

But in every little things he does, he puts me first. At every seconds, he's worried about me. Everyday, he never fails to tell me he loves me. 

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