My First Designer Bag

The beginning of the year is always the busiest! 

December is Christmas, January is new year and Wayne's birthday, February is Valentine's and Chinese New Year and finally March is our anniversary. 

Phew so long. You see by March we are so tired of celebrations and cracking our heads on what to buy for each other. So this year, the boyfriend suggested to combine both Valentine's and Anniversary gift so he will buy me a more expensive gift hehehe.

I thought choosing a gift for yourself would be the easiest task on earth because who knows me better than myself right? But no :O Wayne's gift was decided in a day but i have no idea what i myself want. 

So i searched and searched. A lens? Or a vintage film camera? But i think my camera equipments are quite sufficient for me now. A necklace maybe? But not practical wor. Pandora? Not again la. I briefly thought of buying a branded bag but looking at the price tag quickly dismissed the idea. It's so tiring i finally gave up and decided to maybe just buy few smaller items like a new pair of Levi's and maybe a new spec. 

At the sight of me frantically surfing the internet, comparing importance and usefulness of each item, the bf once reminded me that he gave me the gift budget for me enjoy not to suffer lol.
I know :( but i just wanna buy something which will make me very very happy, even if it's cheaper.

So the bf suggested we just go to shopping mall to walk walk and see what i like. I was like, shopping mall?? On a weekend??? Walk walk??? U crazy ah???? Ever since i've started working, i started looking online for things i want before going to shopping malls to quickly grab them and run. If delivery is available i would gladly pay for it too. The idea of "walk walk" has become so foreign to me. But in the end i obliged la since i still couldn't find anything i want. 

And since we were going to Pavilion we went to try out the famous Rocku Yakiniku! 
(Separate review on that later.)

In the end i bought a Thomas Sabo necklace -_- after i loudly declared to the bf that i would buy something more useful instead. 

Upon leaving Pavillion, i decided at whim to go into Tory Burch to have a look. Just to "look" only. I was planning on leaving after a quick browse but the sales assistant was so helpful so i told him i was looking for a small crossbody. He brought me a few designs, as i layan-ly tried some of them on, 

"Buy la."

I looked wide-eyed at the bf for confirmation. 

"Dear just choose one i buy for you."

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