Everyday's everyday

The life i anticipated at my graduation ceremony is so much different from my life now.

The dream of being an entrepreneur, the desire of traveling the world, the enthusiasm of investing... Somewhere along the way, our dreams were put aside, shoved to the back of head because all the work on our desks seems more important now. 

So unknowingly every day was lived the same.

Monday always comes in blue, we woke up sulkily putting on our formal wear for work; Tuesday we accepted our fate and find little joy in having a nice expensive lunch; Wednesday we whined about the long week; Thursday we start counting hours until Friday; Friday is Friday! 

Then Saturday and Sunday we spent stucking in traffic going to places we can't go during weekends to have a meal, preferably somewhere fancy and instragram-worthy so we have "Likes" on Facebook/Instagram to convince ourselves our weekends were truly well spent. 

Then it all repeats itself again. 

Then one day we woke up to realise we are 30 years old, still stuck in the same old routine. 


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