I’ve been dreaming of a private space for the longest time. As much as I would like to actually own the place, I know now is not the suitable time.

I’ve moved too many times since I graduated to learn that this time I would make this space truly mine. A space I don’t mind spending everyday alone here instead of longing the arrival of weekend so I can escape. A space I can feel comfortable just being myself with no interaction with any human being after work.

So this time round, I insisted on getting a private bathroom and air con.  A humid room in the afternoon was a real-life nightmare for me. It forced me to go out in a lazy afternoon when all I wanted was to stay at home all day reading and listening to music.

Private bathroom is also a must now after experiencing too many silent arguments with my ex toiletmates. Plus I really hate the feeling of rushing myself and taking turns to use the toilet in the morning before leaving for work.

To complete it all, I also insisted on getting some nice furniture. I chose a theme of “white and wood” for a girly touch at first, but white furniture which fits my budget is so hard to come by! So the bf convinced me to twist my theme a bit by adding the element of black so it overall gives an industrial feel to the room. I was so annoyed by his suggestion at first because it seems like I’m building his ideal room instead, not mine! But I was completely convinced when I saw a display unit from Ikea. It was quite nice la honestly.

So here it is.   







My Best Friend's Wedding




On 23rd of September 2015, I stood excitedly peering out the church entrance over and over again, at a seat i carefully chose so i can be the nearest to the aisle.

It was the day my best friend got married. 

This is my first time attending a wedding of someone that is close to me. Of course I've attended tons of wedding since young but it was always relatives or family's friends. Never someone who i personally know. 

Witnessing her stepping on the aisle clinging onto her father's hands, wedding song in the background, a wide grin across the groom's face. From the bottom of my heart, i'm really happy for her. For them. To have found each other. 

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