Sweet Reminders in a Bottle

 For the longest time i've been complaining that the boyfriend has not been as sweet and attentive as he once used to be when we first started dating. 

I was so in love that i'll write down all sweet gestures he has done throughout the date at the end of the night before i go to bed. As time goes by, i've stopped writing them down. It felt like the honeymoon period is over, there's nothing special in the relationship anymore. 

So i blamed the boyfriend. "Why you no sweet anymore?" 

Then i realised, he has been the same all along. It was me who has taken granted of the things he did because they came as taken. He still massages my leg in public when i had cramps, he still angrily reminds me of motorbike's exhaust pipe when i ran off too fast, he still can't stand two days without seeing me. 

So this glass bottle was set up to record every moment of when i feel particularly warm at something the boyfriend did for me so i will always remember and cherish every single one of them. 

Vintage Stamps


Ever since i started having this Traveler's Notebook hype, i was quite surprise to find the boyfriend being so supportive of it. I've always thought this obsession for stationery of mine is quite useless and incomprehensible to many people. I once squealed in excitement upon looking at some stationery online, so loudly that my friend laughed at me because everyone at school was staring strangely at me.

One Saturday he brought me to Amcorp Mall for its weekend fleamarket for a date after hearing it from the radio and thought i would like it. And i did! It's a sorta place i would love. A place full of unique items, every corner you turn there might be a surprise waiting for you. It's a like a gigantic storeroom of a person with a hoarding disorder. I love it! 

At a little stall selling all kinds of vintage postcards and stamps, i spent some time standing still carefully chose some Germany vintage stamps to buy while the boyfriend was patiently entertaining himself beside me. 

2015-11-23 09.22.20 1
Here's the cover of my first insert decorated with some of the vintage stamps. So in love with it. 

My First Midori Traveler's Notebook

Everyone who is close to me knows i never live without a notebook.

Since primary school, i've always had a "daily planner" with me in which i will write down my homework and to-dos of the day. From reminding myself to drink more water to jotting down the airing time of my favourite cartoon. It's like the notebook is my brain, i can't get things memorised or done without it. 

Now that i have grown up (sort of haha), instead of having a single daily planner i have few notebooks all for different purposes. One for daily random to-dos, one for work, one for journaling, one for when i go travel, one for photography notes taking, you can imagine how the list goes on. 

And shopping for notebook is one of my favourite thing to do! Whenever i go into a bookstore i will always lookout for any unique notebook to buy. I already have a drawer full of notebooks but luckily the boyfriend is quite supportive in this and sometimes look for them for me too. 

Then one day i stumbled on Midori Traveler's Notebook.

The leather cover, the customisable inserts, the brass accessories. It's perfect. 

Now it's my everyday to-dos planner which i never leave home without. 
My plus one. 

In Love with Sunset








Finally the sky is cleared of haze and we can see blue skies! The bf and i have been longing for a walk around the quiet neighbourhood for the longest time but this haze lasted for so long we never got the chance to do it. So on this chilly evening after rain, the boyfriend told me to grab my camera and go for a walk. 

After the Vietnam trip together, the boyfriend has taken pride in taking nice pictures of me (although i would construct the picture before passing the camera to the boyfriend and run to the model spot), so he is digging the idea of mastering some photography skills.

I couldn't be more happier about it. 

7 Wonders Kitchen, Our Little Haven




One thing that the boyfriend and i have in common is we share the same love for food. We value the food tastiness over its classiness or price. 

So it's our little life mission to search for nice and cheap eats around us. 

7 Wonders Kitchen is one of it. 

We often come here after a long tiring day of work particularly because the food here tastes like homecooked, but better. There's something about their food, it's so comforting. 

7 Wonders Kitchen   l   Kajang, Selangor

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