My First Midori Traveler's Notebook

Everyone who is close to me knows i never live without a notebook.

Since primary school, i've always had a "daily planner" with me in which i will write down my homework and to-dos of the day. From reminding myself to drink more water to jotting down the airing time of my favourite cartoon. It's like the notebook is my brain, i can't get things memorised or done without it. 

Now that i have grown up (sort of haha), instead of having a single daily planner i have few notebooks all for different purposes. One for daily random to-dos, one for work, one for journaling, one for when i go travel, one for photography notes taking, you can imagine how the list goes on. 

And shopping for notebook is one of my favourite thing to do! Whenever i go into a bookstore i will always lookout for any unique notebook to buy. I already have a drawer full of notebooks but luckily the boyfriend is quite supportive in this and sometimes look for them for me too. 

Then one day i stumbled on Midori Traveler's Notebook.

The leather cover, the customisable inserts, the brass accessories. It's perfect. 

Now it's my everyday to-dos planner which i never leave home without. 
My plus one. 
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