Sweet Reminders in a Bottle

 For the longest time i've been complaining that the boyfriend has not been as sweet and attentive as he once used to be when we first started dating. 

I was so in love that i'll write down all sweet gestures he has done throughout the date at the end of the night before i go to bed. As time goes by, i've stopped writing them down. It felt like the honeymoon period is over, there's nothing special in the relationship anymore. 

So i blamed the boyfriend. "Why you no sweet anymore?" 

Then i realised, he has been the same all along. It was me who has taken granted of the things he did because they came as taken. He still massages my leg in public when i had cramps, he still angrily reminds me of motorbike's exhaust pipe when i ran off too fast, he still can't stand two days without seeing me. 

So this glass bottle was set up to record every moment of when i feel particularly warm at something the boyfriend did for me so i will always remember and cherish every single one of them. 

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