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Ever since i started having this Traveler's Notebook hype, i was quite surprise to find the boyfriend being so supportive of it. I've always thought this obsession for stationery of mine is quite useless and incomprehensible to many people. I once squealed in excitement upon looking at some stationery online, so loudly that my friend laughed at me because everyone at school was staring strangely at me.

One Saturday he brought me to Amcorp Mall for its weekend fleamarket for a date after hearing it from the radio and thought i would like it. And i did! It's a sorta place i would love. A place full of unique items, every corner you turn there might be a surprise waiting for you. It's a like a gigantic storeroom of a person with a hoarding disorder. I love it! 

At a little stall selling all kinds of vintage postcards and stamps, i spent some time standing still carefully chose some Germany vintage stamps to buy while the boyfriend was patiently entertaining himself beside me. 

2015-11-23 09.22.20 1
Here's the cover of my first insert decorated with some of the vintage stamps. So in love with it. 

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