5 Things To Do in Seremban (Before Heading to Malacca)

Malacca is famous for weekend getaways for its culture and local food. While you leave early to avoid jam in the city but you're too early for Malacca, enroute you can drop by Seremban for a little fun first!

1. Dim Sum Breakfast at Pak Chok - 8.00am
Pak Chok is officially one of my favourite place now! The dim sum is delicious, the price is reasonable, services is GOOD and the place is breezy and cozy - the best i can get from a dim sum place because usually they are so crowded and hot! Seremban is not so far from my house anyway so we even consider coming back here purposely just for a dim sum breakfast.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It's a yam version of normal salted egg 流沙包. It's the first time i've seen this sold in any restaurant. It was so creamy and heavenly. We went back for it two days later :p
The paste is delicious. I especially like the sauce of this.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It has both soft and crispy texture with it. If you love duck meat, you'd definitely love this!
As usual, their paste is delicious. But i guess this type of beancurd dim sum can be found in any dim sum place.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The bf lovessss this. We saw almost every table order this, so this must be one of their bestseller! And the portion is really big at RM5.50.

2. Tapau Siew Pau from Master Siew Pow - 8.45am.
How can you leave Seremban without buying any Siew Pow? According to my friend Stephanie, Master Siew Pow has the better siew pows than Empayar Seremban Siew Pow although the latter may seems more popular and on bigger scale.
Siew Pow Master
2016-12-20 03.03.04 1
2016-12-20 03.03.03 1
Many types of buns are available there too! Everything is freshly baked and sold there and then. It's the perfect snack for after dinner or on the road!

3. Stationery Shopping at Tabiyo.
For stationery lovers like me surely have heard of Tabiyo. It's one of the first online sellers for Midori Traveler's Notebook in Malaysia and the trend setter of stationery in Malaysia. I bought my first and only TN from her too! I'm so happy that they have finally open a physical shop so i get to touch and feel the stationery before buying them :)
Siew Pow Master copy
2016-12-06 05.04.37 2
2016-12-06 05.04.37 1
2016-12-20 03.03.02 2

4. Cendol and Rojak at Haji Shariff.
After shopping at Tabiyo, you can head over to Haji Shariff for a chilling bowl of cendol or ABC. If your stomach has some extra space, share a plate of famous rojak with your friends too!
2016-12-20 03.02.55 1

5. Curry Mee as Lunch at Asia Laksa.
2016-09-06 09.18.43 1
2016-09-06 09.18.44 1
The bf is crazy about curry mee and he declares this is delicious! I don't have much preference about curry but i like it here because they have Lau Shu Fen to go with it! I think it's the perfect combination! I hate yellow mee, meehoon goes terribly with curry and kuey teow is too soft. Thick Meehoon (normally used in Fish Head Noodles) and Lau Shu Fen is the best!

And now you can go Malacca with satisfied stomach which is gonna last you through all the long queues in Malacca :p

KeepCup x Jocelyn

2016-11-25 11.00.37 1
2016-11-25 11.00.38 1
2016-11-25 11.00.44 1

Pitch me anything about being green to the earth and i can easily be sold. KeepCup was invented to encourage the use of reusable cups. Instead of getting a new paper cup from your favourite shop, have them make your own in your own KeepCup!

A wide range of designs and colours are available on their e-store. I particularly love the Cork Edition which emits a rather rustic vibe. 

Oh did i mention? You can also build your own combination of KeepCup by ordering the parts separately! 

Keepcup Instagram: @keepcup

Connaught Night Market: Little Pots of Cactus

2016-07-28 10.20.40 2
2016-07-28 11.44.11 1
2016-07-28 11.44.17 3 (1)
2016-07-28 11.44.18 1
2016-07-28 11.44.17 1
It must have been yearsss since i've been to Connaught Night Market. The last time was on our first official date.. which is 3 years ago lol! 

Look what i've found this time! These three little gorgeous pots of cactus only cost RM10. What a bargain! 

The selection there was huge. I had a reallllly hard time choosing because.. i want them all! They all look so interesting! Needless to say, i went a bit berserk in the middle of selection. The packaging is very fascinating too! It's like it was custom made for these pots.  Since my last indoor table plant died, i've set my mind on getting some cactus for replacement. Simply because i can bet on cactus to have the highest vitality right? Haha 

After bringing them home, i placed them three together in one single pot for easy caring and thought the different patterns of each cactus would compliment each other and look more interesting together. 

I think they do :)

Self Craved Stamps on Coaster

2016-07-27 10.04.21 2
2016-07-27 10.17.28 2
2016-07-27 10.04.22 1
2016-07-27 10.04.26 1
2016-07-27 10.04.23 2

Ever since i joined stamp craving class with The Craft Crowd, i've been wanting to make some on my own. Found these plain grey coasters in Daiso at RM5.30 for three pieces. With nature as the theme, i made few stamps: a leaf, a tulip and its branches with leaves separated.

Workshop: The Craft Crowd
Youtube Tutorial: How To Crave an Eraser Stamp
For Inspirations on Instagram:  @sowiesowies

4 Steps Non-Baked Oreo Cheesecake

A meal is never really complete without dessert. 

While i cook a lot at home, i figured it would be a good idea to make desserts by myself too. Since i don't have complicated baking tools nor a baking oven, my choices are very limited. Then i found this non-baked cheesecake online. After several attempts, i've improvised a bit. 

It's so easy, there are only 4 steps:

non baked oreo cheesecake

Remarks: A little bit condensed milk will do, just enough to make the cream cheese creamier, but not too runny. And half a lemon for 2 small mugs of cheesecake. 




And there, you have your home made cheesecake! 


The Book Sandwich Cafe @ Georgetown, Penang

This is one of the places i swore to the boyfriend i must go! This trip is intended to be a artsy and bookish themed and this cafe is so apt! 

So after our visit to the camera museum, we opted to drive there although it was only 800m away (we checked waze) but it took us 30 mins to reach the place. The area was so jammed with traffic and crowd is crazy. In the end we parked in a distant and walk there.

2016-05-01 08.00.05 4
After a sweaty walk, we are here!

2016-05-06 08.12.39 1
It's called Book Sandwich Cafe for a reason. There are books everywhere, attached to the walls. 

2016-05-01 08.00.05 2 (1)
Their famous signature lobster sandwich (RM39.80).

 After seeing a picture of this on TripAdvisor, i've told the bf that i die die must try this. It looks amazing! 

So the sandwich came with lobster bits overflowing, and i'm guessing they used half a lobster for it since the empty shell it came with was a lobster half. The taste wasn't bad but i think it was a bit too sour for my liking. So it didn't really justify costing RM39.80 for me. 

But the pork burger for the bf was so delicious! The patty was juicy, the bacon was crispy, it was a total package. And it costs half of the lobster sandwich at only RM20.90.



We had a great time chilling inside the cafe away from the hot sun, drinking chamomile, listening to the great collection of jazz songs. 

That's when i found a new favourite singer - 何伶 and i have been addicted to her ever since. 
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