DIY Project: Material Box

Journaling is never a cheap hobby. 

Though it seems that there's only papers and tapes, you cannot believe how much they all cost. Midori Traveler's Notebook alone costs RM165, fountain pens costs around RM100 each, stickers RM8 per sheet, washi tapes cost RM8 to RM25 each. 

Ever since i started journaling, i averagely spend about RM300 a month to stock up my collection. (And RM300 less for food and shoes)

But journaling doesn't necessarily always need expensive materials to make our traveler's notebook pages look good. There are lot of bits and pieces we often mislooked that can be reused as materials. Like the price tag of a jeans, packaging of cosmetics, old magazines, anything pretty. And very often, those things are more meaningful than those expensive stickers. 

As i find more and more "trash" useful, it's harder to find a way to house them so i can use use them efficiently. So i decided to DIYed a Material Box for it. 


Found this transparent box at Daiso at only RM5.30.


Choose 4 pieces of colour cards, measure the height of the box, cut out tabs on cards. 


And ta dah! So easy! 


2016-01-26 04.57.05 1

Now you can categorise all the "trash" you found along the way under different tabs. It makes searching through them much more easier this way! 

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