The Book Sandwich Cafe @ Georgetown, Penang

This is one of the places i swore to the boyfriend i must go! This trip is intended to be a artsy and bookish themed and this cafe is so apt! 

So after our visit to the camera museum, we opted to drive there although it was only 800m away (we checked waze) but it took us 30 mins to reach the place. The area was so jammed with traffic and crowd is crazy. In the end we parked in a distant and walk there.

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After a sweaty walk, we are here!

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It's called Book Sandwich Cafe for a reason. There are books everywhere, attached to the walls. 

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Their famous signature lobster sandwich (RM39.80).

 After seeing a picture of this on TripAdvisor, i've told the bf that i die die must try this. It looks amazing! 

So the sandwich came with lobster bits overflowing, and i'm guessing they used half a lobster for it since the empty shell it came with was a lobster half. The taste wasn't bad but i think it was a bit too sour for my liking. So it didn't really justify costing RM39.80 for me. 

But the pork burger for the bf was so delicious! The patty was juicy, the bacon was crispy, it was a total package. And it costs half of the lobster sandwich at only RM20.90.



We had a great time chilling inside the cafe away from the hot sun, drinking chamomile, listening to the great collection of jazz songs. 

That's when i found a new favourite singer - 何伶 and i have been addicted to her ever since. 

Elephant House @ Georgetown, Penang

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After moving here to west Malaysia for more than 5 years it would seems strange that i have never been to Penang before. I have, however, been there for a Raya trip with friends before but it was hardly the same. With the boyfriend alone, we get to do whatever we want, in whatever pace we like. It feels like a 'proper' trip. 

We both like to chill during trips instead of rushing across schedule to check in all the places. So i made a list of some places i'd interested then we just go with the flow and let the day plans itself. 

Here's some places we love: 

1) Elephant House

It wasn't a stationery shop but it definitely looks like one. There were posters on the walls and through the window, you can see..

2016-04-30 03.34.00 1

There is a station filled with postcards. On a closer look, they were postcards of a Malaysian 90's themed paintings. I've been the illustrations on a book in Kinokuniya before. It was so gorgeous i can't stop looking through the pages. But here they are! In postcards form! 

2016-04-30 03.34.00 2
2016-04-30 03.36.33 2

Oh, and it's a boutique hotel. There's a vintage guest book on the table for guests to sign in. Too bad i couldn't leave my mark on it since i'm not a guest there :(

2016-04-30 03.33.59 1
Too pretty to resist! So i chose one series i like the most and bought it at RM25 for 8 pieces. 

I'll have updates on all the little places i love, they will all be tagged under "Penang" on my labels. So stay tuned!  

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