Connaught Night Market: Little Pots of Cactus

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It must have been yearsss since i've been to Connaught Night Market. The last time was on our first official date.. which is 3 years ago lol! 

Look what i've found this time! These three little gorgeous pots of cactus only cost RM10. What a bargain! 

The selection there was huge. I had a reallllly hard time choosing because.. i want them all! They all look so interesting! Needless to say, i went a bit berserk in the middle of selection. The packaging is very fascinating too! It's like it was custom made for these pots.  Since my last indoor table plant died, i've set my mind on getting some cactus for replacement. Simply because i can bet on cactus to have the highest vitality right? Haha 

After bringing them home, i placed them three together in one single pot for easy caring and thought the different patterns of each cactus would compliment each other and look more interesting together. 

I think they do :)

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