Life Has Its Own Way To Give You The Best Thing

lifeThis day marks one of the happiest days of my life. 

Ok, not exactly this day because we hated the restaurant but what this day represents - I'm finally hired again! Ahhh the relief and the peace of mind one gets when she has secured a job. 

I have decided to quit 3 months ago. Actually, looking back, i would say it was quite brave of me to quit without a job offer waiting, in this volatile and depressing market. I don't know what gave me the strength to embrace the uncertainties. I know i was not happy. I had been unhappy for a long time. I know it wasn't something i want to do in the long term. It felt like i was only alive on weekends. 

And so i quitted. Not without a plan. But not so much of a great plan. I gave myself 2 months before getting back to a job again. First month for resting and the second month for finding a job. This period was then fondly named as my Gap Month - because these 2 months are for me to sort of "find myself" (if i'm not old for that), to think about what i truly love doing, before resume working again till the day i retire. 

Fast forward 3 months later, i clicked "apply" on this job on jobstreet and had been checking its status and refreshing my mailbox every 5 minutes since. The job specifications weren't clear on the posting but it describes everything i wanted. After roughly 13 hours later (i kept counting), i received an interview request! 

Too excited to sit still, i arrived 2.5 hours earlier for the interview. So i sat at a cafe nearby to do some people watching to calm my nerves. The interviewer gave me a brief but thorough presentation of my roles and i instantly fell in love. It's even better than what i had imagined! "I have to have this job!!!", my heart screamed while i struggled to maintain my cool on the outside. 

After yearning for it, replaying the interview scene in my head over and over and blaming myself for the little touches i should have put for almost exactly 24 hours later (i kept counting too), i got the call from the COO informing me that i'm hired! 

Finally. The coming of Monday is no longer dreadful but exciting! I am not living for only weekends, but weekdays too! Finally the forseeable future is brighter again. Finally, i can be happy again. It sounded very dramatic but you have to experience unemployment, the fear of not getting a job soon or with the fear that you have to go back to what you were doing but hated, to understand the relief that comes after. 

Looking back at my unemployment days, i'm so grateful for rejections i have received. Because every single rejection has led this wonderful ending to my Gap Month. Although i was devastated at times, but i believe if i didn't go through every shit along the way, i wouldn't end up here, with the company i'd never imagine exists, with a job i've been dreaming of.

Ah i guess dreams do come true, sometimes. 

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