I lost my previous pencil case sometime around end of last year. I brought it to work everyday and one day, i couldn't find it at all, along with all my precious stationery in it :(

It was a slim brown leather-like (it's not real leather) pencil case with zipper i bought from TaoBao. Prior finding the next perfect pencil case for myself, i lived off with attaching one fountain pen on my TN with me whenever i go out. But it was difficult for me to only stick to ONE pen! I need to sort my never ending lists into categories!! Arghhhh

Then i stumbled upon this AIUEO LAMPER pencil case on Sumthings Of Mine

2017-07-28 03.57.15 2
2017-07-28 03.57.17 2
2017-07-29 05.02.59 1
2017-07-26 10.22.46 1

Everything of it makes it so me. 

It's in blue (my favourite colour), it's small (i like to attached it on TN) and the logo on the front is a reading figure (i love reading)! Out of so many colours and logos in that series, it's so happen the reading figure is on the blue one..

Ah like it was meant to be :) 

Malaysia Tea House: Tea Press

If you're into Japanese tea instead, Tea Press is definitely the place to go. Operated by a Japanese owner, you can be sure that all tea and Japanese desserts served here are authentic.

Japanese tea has rather more "rules" to follow. Different tea HAS to be brewed with different temperature (eg, 40 - 50 celcius for Gyokuro and 100 celcius for Genmaicha.) Each dose of tea leaves can only be brewed maximum 3 times. The taste of the tea would change from sweet to bitter the more times you brew it. After the 3rd cup, it's considered too bitter for consumption. This feature of Japanese tea also adds elements of surprise to drinker as the taste of tea varies with every cup you brew. 

Very often, Japanese tea is served with dessert as the sweetness in the dessert would contrast the bitterness of the tea.


Here, i ordered Japanese Orange tea and Warabi-mochi.

This was my first time having Warabi-mochi. As expected as a mochi, it was extremely chewy and sticky, served with soy powder and brown sugar syrup. It tasted okay but i guess i would still very much prefer Sakura-mochi over this.

Tea Press 
46, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm

Malaysia Tea House: Leaf Lohas

With cafes serving mainly coffee budding in klang valley, it was rather hard to find tea houses around. As a tea lover, i feel obliged to share this list of tea houses i have found in Malaysia! 

The first tea house i would like to introduce is Leaf Lohas 老葉的兒子。It specializes in serving Chinese tea and dessert which complement them. 

The owner of Leaf Lohas is an interior designer so you would find every corner of the cafe captivating. I can't stop myself but examining every details.


Leaf Lohas serves all kinds of Chinese tea - from white tea to black tea. You'll be spoiled for options for tea under each tea type. Each order will serve you around 5 - 6 rounds (or more) of tea. The owner of Leaf Lohas will brew the tea himself, filter it, and serve it into your glass pitcher. 

They have few selections of handmade desserts. This time round, i ordered cheesecake and konjac herbal jelly. All desserts are designed to complement the taste of tea and handmade by the wife of the owner. One set of desserts and a pot of tea would only set you back by around RM20 - RM40. Pretty cheap for an afternoon tea with a comfy ambience.

Leaf Lohas is a family tea house. Very often, you'll find the owner and the wife waiting the tables themselves. Sometimes they got too busy i tried drinking my tea slower so they don't have to refill mine too often 😅

Leaf Lohas
A-3-UG Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, Cheras, Selangor. 
Mon - Sat: 10am - 10pm
Sun: 2pm - 10pm

Me - Time

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.03.48 PM
2017-05-24 10.05.19 1
Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.04.26 PM
From time to time, my definition for my me-time changes. It was once some reading time before bed, then writing journal getting lost in my thoughts, then it was adding new entries to my Traveler's Notebook.

With this new job i don't get to rest every weekends but rather odd days during the week. So blessed are the days when i have a full day cleaning my room, doing laundry, cooking my own meals, and finally sit down with a nice cup of tea. 

That's my me-time now, having that cup of tea at the end of the house chores. 

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